Greens Re-Surfacing Project News

On April 10, 2017 the McAllen City Commission authorized Palm View Golf Course Staff to Re-Surface all 20 of its putting greens.

Palm View Golf Course will remain open for play using Temporary Greens. Play Palm View Golf Course for as little as $0.50 per hole!!!  Regular Cart fees will apply.  Please see the Temporary Fees list below.

We hope to see you at Palm View soon!!!



  • The Week of May 15-21 was a great week; lots of work got completed
  • The Contractor was able to work without any interruptions and after Week 2, the project is still ahead of schedule
  • Temporary Greens are still being used and several golfers appear to be really enjoying the challenges they present
  • During Week 2 of the project, the following work was completed by the Contractor:
    • Tilled the top six inches of sand available on all 20 greens
    • Added one inch of new sand to all 20 greens
    • After adding one inch of new sand to all  20 greens, the Contractor then again tilled the top six inches, mixing the existing sand with fresh new sand on all 20 greens
    • After tilling all 20 greens for a second time, the Contractor began floating and packing  the greens in preparations for Sprigging
    • By the end of the week, a total of 8 greens were floated and packed making them ready for Sprigging
    • Mother Nature cooperating, the Contractor expects to have ALL greens and the new nursery floated and packed ready for Sprigging by the end of Wednesday May 24
  • The City of McAllen Public Works Department came in on Thursday May 18 and shaped what will become our new nursery
  • The area for the new nursery is now ready for the Contractor to add sand and prepare it for planting; this was supposed to happen today but last night’s rain will delay this a bit but not impact the Wednesday project completion date
  • Planting of the new Champions G12 is now scheduled for Thursday May 25
  • Reopening of the new greens is now scheduled for Monday July 24



  • 18 Green After Grass Removed
  • Green After First Tilling
  • Staff & G6 Checking Depth After First Till
  • Contractor Adding New Sand
  • Spreading New Sand
  • New Sand on Practice Green
  • New Sand On Chipping Green
  • 2nd Tilling With New Sand
  • Close Up of New Sand Tilled In
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