Greens Re-Surfacing Project News

On April 10, 2017 the McAllen City Commission authorized Palm View Golf Course Staff to Re-Surface all 20 of its putting greens.

Palm View Golf Course will remain open for play using Temporary Greens. Play Palm View Golf Course for as little as $0.50 per hole!!!  Regular Cart fees will apply.  Please see the Temporary Fees list below.

We hope to see you at Palm View soon!!!


WEEK ENDING June 25, 2017 

  • •Golfers continue to use temporary Greens and the M&O staff continues to maintain them as presentable as possible thru top-dressing, fertilizer apps and daily mowing.
  • •We danced and waited for rain on Saturday and it never came; we did again on Sunday and again it never showed up!!
  • •About a half inch of rain on a couple of days this week will go a long way in helping us with the “grow in” of the new greens
  • •Despite unmeasurable amounts of rain, the Greens Resurfacing Project continues to progress as expected
  • •We just finished the fourth week of the “grow in” phase and it marks the half way point
  • •During the week of June 19 - June 25, grass on our new greens continued to grow vertically and horizontally
  • •The following tasks were performed as recommended by Champion Turf Farms during the past week:
    • staff continues fertilizing, rolling and top-dressing all greens two times per week (See Picture 1)
    • Staff is now also focusing on pulling out vagrant grasses (weeds) twice per week  (See Picture 2)
    • The new greens were mowed twice this past week and the plan is to mow four times this week (See Picture 3)
    • Mowing continues to do a lot of “good” for the new greens as it smooths out the putting surfaces in preparation for opening
    • Staff also started a practice called “edging” of greens surrounds; it is done to avoid encroachment of the grass surrounding the greens onto the green’s surface itself (See Picture 4)
    • Watering schedule continues to be on multiple cycles after fertilizer applications;
    • On days that watering is not recommended by Coastal Turf, we are still watering some due to 100+ temperatures of recent days
    • All of the M&O staff has been involved in this “grow-in” and will continue daily until we are completely covered and greens are ready for play.
    • After four weeks roots average length are about 2” long
    • It is safe to state that most greens are now about 80% covered with Champion' s G12 grass (See Pictures 5, 6 & 7)
    • Monday, July 24 remains the target reopening day for the regular greens
Below are Descriptions of each picture from left to right
1. Staff rolling 7th Green
2. Staff & Volunteers pulling weeds
3. Mowing 9th Green
4. Staff Edging the Greens
5. 9th Green
6. 18th Green
7. Practice Putting Green

  • 1. Staff Rolling 7 green
  • 2. Staff & Volunteers Pulling Weeds
  • 3. Mowing 9 green
  • 4. Staff Edging the Greens
  • 5. 9 green
  • 6. 18 Green
  • 7. Practice Putting Green
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